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Everyday Gold Necklace



Four necklaces in one, a perfect layering piece, the delightful "Everyday" Gold necklace is playful and a little sporty, perfect for well... everyday. With a host of different chains and pendants, this necklace is always trendy. 

Four different elements dangle from each chain, a sterling silver bar, a bronze leaf shaped element, a sterling silver disc and a sterling silver drop shape element.

All chains and elements are manually treated to achieve the desired tonality and color, we carefully coat them as well as the elements before they are assembled, to ensure the durability of the pieces.

Materials: Brass chains, sterling silver and bronze elements.
Size: First layer is 16”- last layer is 22" long, the elements are approx. 1/2" to 1.5" in size.
SKU: HN-1121-G

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